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"taskeng .exe" followed by the blue screen dump

Upon start-up, I've been getting a DOS screen named "taskeng .exe" followed by the blue screen dump.  I understand that this file is necessary for Windows to work, but some worms or other malware can mask itself as this file so it won't be detected.  The webroot scans are coming up clean.  Has anyone had this problem successfully resolved?



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Hello genenpj,


litres worm Tote Gym Beach 10 Shopping HippoWarehouse x38cm book Bag White book im I'm 42cm a a dragon not Welcome to the Commnunity Forum,


I've done some research and it could be.. have you made any changes to your computer, hardware, software? You might want to check the Microsoft help site?


Otherwise it could be some sort of malware and if you are really having concerns with this then please issue a Support Ticket free of charge with an active subscription. They will check to see what's really going on


Also maybe @RetiredTripleHelix could advise on this particular "taskeng.exe." ?


Do t get back to us and let us know how it's going.


Best Regards,






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Re: "taskeng .exe" followed by the blue screen dump


What OS are you using?

The tools available on the System Recovery Options menu can be used to repair Windows files, restore important settings to previous values.

The Advanced Boot Options menu is accessed by pressing F8 as the Windows splash screen begins to load.

This method of accessing the Advanced Boot Options menu applies to all versions of Windows.

Or you can use a system repair disc.

Startup Repair starts, you guessed it, the Startup Repair tool which can automatically solve many issues that prevent Windows from starting correctly.

- System Restore can return your PC's system files and programs to a time when everything was working fine, potentially preventing hours of troubleshooting headaches.Red Bling Mini Small with Bag Rivets Side Shoulder Purse Clutch R6fzq



Try using - System Restore is a recovery tool in Windows that allows you to reverse certain kinds of changes made to the operating system.



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