So many users get frustrated with computers and its because the simplist of things shouldnt be so complicated. Below you will find a simple guide on how to take a screenshot and send it via email. You may have been asked before, “Can you take a screen shot and send it to my email?”, you may asked yourself, How am I going to do that! Well follow this tutorial and you will know in no time at all!

ANKLE WOMENS FLAT RETRO PIXIE BOOTS VINTAGE SIZE 3 8 E STYLE LOW WINTER Style Brown CHELSEA HEEL LADIES Step 1 – In windows 10 (like Windows 7) they have this great little search feature on the bottom left hand corner of your monitor. Click your mouse pointer in there and type, “Snipping Tool“.

Step 2 – In the POP up window you will see that the “Snipping Tool” Desktop app will show there, click on this and you will see the the “Snipping Tool” app will open up.


Step 3 – Now, make sure you have what you want to screenshot on the top of everything else, so if you have any other programs or windows open, just minimize them. Once you have the screen you would like to capture, click on the “New” button.

You will now see that the screen has dimmed to a light grey, and you now have a cross for a cursor. You can now click and drag the cross starting from the “top right” and “drag down toward the left corner” of your monitor, making sure you highlight the screen you want.

Step 5 – You now have 2 options. The first option you can simply “click” on the email icon above the capture (this will open you default email client you use and add the image as an attachment), or the second option “right click” the image and select “copy“, this image is not saved to your clip board and ready for pasting.

Step 6 – You can now right click at the top of your email and and select “Paste”, this will now be embedded in the body of your new email.

Click “send” and your on you way! Come visit again for more simple “How To’s Tip’s” or visit our blog for more information on computer tips and tricks.