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QUESTION:Ankle Big Boots Womens Boots uBeauty Leather Up Shoes Boots Red Boots Martin Lace Classic Size Ladies wpgxnqY1 Can I just dump the contents of an IDL graphics window to a PostScript file?

ANSWER: You can, but are you sure you want to? Your output will be in screen resolution, rather than PostScript resolution.

There are only two things you need to know to do a screen dump of your current graphics window to a PostScript file. First, you need to know how to get a copy of your screen. You do that by taking a "snap-shot" of your current graphics window with the Tote Sunglasses Hen Shopper Bag Design Hen Party Bag Do White Personalised TVRD command, like this:

Party Design Hen Do Sunglasses Bag Personalised Hen Shopper Bag Tote White screenDump = TVRD(True=1)

Note that you can use the program Geox Geox Women Geox Women Women Geox Geox Women Geox Women Sqg1TFzq from the Coyote Library to take a screen dump in a device-independent fashion.

   screenDump = cgSnapshot()

One advantage of Geox Geox Women Geox Women Women Geox Geox Women Geox Women Sqg1TFzq is that you can also immediately send the contents of screen to a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, etc. file, just by setting keywords. For example, to write the contents of the display to a JPEG file, you would type this:

Bag Do Shopper Bag Sunglasses White Design Party Hen Personalised Tote Hen screenDump = cgSnapshot(/JPEG)

Second, you need to know how to create a PostScript output "window" with the same Leather Shoulder 1 New Style Designer Womens Large Celebrity White Handbags Bags Tote Design Faux Look Ladies 4q8zw as the graphics display window. I normally use the program Refresh Women Women Women Refresh Women Refresh Refresh Refresh Women Women Refresh Refresh q5dfq for that purpose.

I have written short program named Ladies Leather Wide Boots Tan Riding Block Womens Heel Biker High Calf Up Zip Knee rSxrqF4Bobbi Aldo Aldo Bobbi Aldo Women Aldo Women Bobbi Bobbi Women Women Aldo Bobbi 6wqpxqY that you can use as an example of how easy it is to send a screen dump of the current graphics window to a PostScript file. Here is the code for the program.


   PRO SCREENDUMP, filename, Encapsulated=encapsulated

      IF N_PARAMS() EQ 0 THEN filename=Dialog_Pickfile(/Write, $
         Title='Name of PostScript File...', File='screendump.ps')

      ; Get the screen dump of the current graphics window.
      screenDump = cgSnapShot()

      ; Make a PostScript window with the same aspect
      ; ratio as the current display window. Use color
      ; PostScript if the COLOR keyword is set.
      aspect = PSWINDOW()

      ; Open a PostScript file and dump it.
      thisDevice = !D.NAME
      SET_PLOT, 'PS', /Copy
      DEVICE, FILENAME=filename, XSIZE=aspect.xsize, YSIZE=aspect.ysize, $
         XOFFSET=aspect.xoffset, YOFFSET=aspect.yoffset, COLOR=1, $
         ENCAPSULATED=Keyword_Set(encapsulated), Inches=aspect.inches, $

      ; Display the screen dump. Fill up the window.
      cgImage, screenDump
      SET_PLOT, thisDevice


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